We recommend that you remove your jewelry prior to bathing, swimming, or
exercising. Please take care to apply lotions, perfume/cologne, and body oils
before putting your gems on. Our metals may tarnish over time from contact with
natural body oils. Also please roll on and off the wrist. Never pull or stretch!

Wipe gently using a soft dry cloth. Never use any type of jewelry cleaner on your
semi-precious stones it may cause them to change in appearance.

We recommend that you store your jewelry in the velvet pouch in which it came
or in a jewelry box. Please keep gems out of direct sunlight.

Use a measuring tape or a string and ruler for your correct size.
Standard size for women range 7”-7.5”in
Standard size for men range 8”-9.5”

*FYI – It is a good idea to have your jewelry restrung, when you notice its
looseness, to prevent breakage.

Where are your products purchased from?
Cocoabons’ Jewels find the best resources for our semi-precious gemstones. They are collected regionally and internationally. Only high quality gems are selected for your creations.